The House of Bocage – Moti Daman Fort (The Poet House)

Bocage House Fort Moti Daman Tourism

The House of Bocage (The Poet House) is often overlooked by the visitors as not much has been publicized about it and due to lack of awareness. However, the minute history associated with it is interesting.

It is named after a Portuguese Neo-classical poet Manuel Maria Barbosa Du Bocage (pen name: Elmani Sadino), who was deputed at Goa in 1786 as Guarda-Marinha in the Portuguese Navy. The motivation behind Bocage joining the Navy was the heroic traditions of the Portuguese empire in Asia as presented in Portugal. However, upon witnessing the reality of the Portuguese Empire in India, he penned down satirical sonnets directed to then-Governor and the Viceroy of Portuguese India. Consequently, he was advised to leave Goa. Following his exit from Goa, he joined the infantry company as a lieutenant in Daman during early 1789. His stay in Daman was brief as he absconded to Macau shortly after. You can spot the house on your left as you step in the Moti Daman Fort’s entrance. The indoor area of the house is inaccessible as it has been locked by the authorities.

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