The Fort of Moti Daman

Fort of Moti Daman Tourism

The construction of Moti Daman Fort commenced in A.D.1559 and concluded in A.D. 1581 when Daman was a Portuguese enclave. Exploring the fort is an opportunity to get a sneak peek in the history of Daman as you walk around it and scout through the comprising areas. Its walls encompass a large area of 30,000 square meters, which encloses the Administrator’s Secretariat, the Government House, Cathedral of Bom Jesus, Dominican Monastery, Bocage House (also known as the poet house), the old lighthouse, the convent school, government quarters, and several government organizations such as the public health centre, the district library, three gardens, the district court, Daman Municipal Council, etc. Most of the fort’s areas are accessible to the general public for visiting. To visit the old lighthouse and some other parts of the fort, the visitors can climb upon the fort walls using the stairs given at multiples points to take a walk around the 10 bastions.

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