One of the best places for unwinding with Mother Nature is the sleepy township of Silvassa which is a major contrast to the big city life and maddening crowds. Here’s a 7-day Silvassa Itinerary.

Day 1: Silvassa Sightseeing

The Old Lady of Piety Church is one of the oldest churches in India and a living example of Portuguese architecture. Just adjacent to the church is the Tribal Museum which gives all the information regarding the culture and life of the tribal in the region.

Day 2: Island Garden and Van Ganga Lake Tour

The beautiful Island Garden has wooden bridges, walking trails and bed of colorful flowers with the Van Ganga Lake in the middle. It also has open thatched huts and numerous eateries near the lake area. Enjoy paddle boating in the lake in the evening.


Day 3: Hirwa Van Garden Tour

This garden is dedicated to the tribal Goddess “Hirwa,” the Forest Goddess. The garden has a small cascading waterfall that looks spectacular amid the lush green surroundings. The garden also has a children’s amusement park with numerous rides. It is an ideal spot for day picnics.

Day 4: Lion Safari Wildlife Park

Dadra and Nagar Haveli have almost 40 percent of the land of the region under forest cover. The wildlife park is the home to Asiatic lion which is being saved from extinction. At the lion safari at Vasona tourists will watch the “King of the Forest” in his natural habitat. Also during the safari you can spot other animals in the park.

Day 5:  Water Sports Complex

Water Sports Complex is located in Dhudhni just 40 km from Silvassa. This complex is located near the Madhuban Dam and is a great place to enjoy water activities. The center offers water scooters, aqua bikes, bumper boats, speed boats, kayaks and passenger boats. You can spend an entire day here.

Day 6:  Khanvel Tour

Located just 20 km from Silvassa is the beautiful town of Khanvel which is known for its serene beauty of Rolling Meadows, Cacti Garden and terrace garden. The ancient Shiv Temple in the Bindrabin and Van Vihar Tourist complex is a popular tourist attraction.

Day 7: Out of Silvassa

On your way out of Silvassa you can do some shopping. Silvassa is famous for Worli paintings and you can purchase some of these beautiful paintings as souvenirs from your trip.

Best Time To Visit:

Although Silvassa will welcome you with pleasant weather round the year- warm summers, moderate rainfalls and cool winters- you’ll like it best if you visit between November and June. The weather then is best for outdoor sports like trekking or boating.