Nani Daman Jetty

Daman Ganga River and Nani Daman Jetty

The sunset on Daman Ganga River and Nani Daman Jetty.

On the bank of Daman Ganga River, lies one of the most popular tourist spots in Daman District, Nani Daman Jetty. It has long been a preferred location for spending leisure time by the locals and tourists alike. The area comprises of Jetty Garden, the estuary, the dock, several fast food stalls, Saint Jerome Fort, which occupies Church of Our Lady of the Sea. It has something to offer to all age groups and travelers with various agendas.

Jetty Garden:

Jetty Garden has been popular among children for years as it has a playground to offer. One gets to experience the view that comprises of the estuary, where Daman Ganga River meets the Arabian Sea, two forts constructed by the Portuguese during the 16th century, two lighthouses and three bridges.

How to reach:

The travelers desiring to visit Nani Daman Jetty can hire autorickshaws from Nani Daman bus stop to the jetty. The tourists visiting Moti Daman can reach Nani Daman Jetty from Moti Daman Jetty by taking a walk on the pedestrian bridge or take their preferred mode of transport from Moti Daman bus stop which is near to the entrance of Moti Daman Fort.

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