Place: Daman
Distance from Pune: 302km
Distance from Mumbai: 160+(approx)

Daman is a beautiful union territory. Please do not get confused that DAMAN and DIU are together located. They are actually 300+km away from each other. Daman has primarily two beaches, The Devka beach and the Jhamphore Beach.
Devka beach is a highly rocky beach. Devka beach has a beautiful park at its entrance which is a cool place to relax. Along the Devka beach you have the sunset beach where u can relax in the evening in the woods.


Jampore beach is approximately 8-9km from devka beach. Its longer for four wheelers as there is a shortcut two wheeler’s bridge connecting the two islands of NANI DAMAN and MOTI DAMAN. Jhamphore beach is a much better place. You have lots of small shops offering edible items and tables/relaxing chairs. You will see much more activity here. The beach is shallow and you can walk long into the sea. You have camel rides, horse rides and horse-card rides here. The beach is lighted at night with lamps.

Other places of interest: There are two forts, two beautiful churches, and a beautiful garden. Except for the fort, visit them in the evening after artificial lights are lit up.


Other information: Sea water comes to the shore during the daytime i.e. around 10-11am and fully goes back by 3-4 pm so plan your visit accordingly… There are lots of hotels in the main city and near the DEVKA beach as well. ones near Devka beach are costly. Jhamphore beach has 2-3 place to stay. DAMAN being a union territory, police has great power to maintain law and order so its a safe place and so you are expected to behave properly with the police.


Budget: Approx 4000

Best time to Visit:

The best time to visit the place is from October to March.