Dudhni Lake

Amidst Silvassa’s beautiful landscape with small villages, winding rivers, gorgeous waterfalls and patches of tall green trees, stands the large and beautiful Dudhni lake. The grand Dudhni lake is situated at around 40kms away from Silvassa and 17kms away from Khanvel. This large water front is formed by the dam water of Madhuvan reservoir and is surrounded by small hillocks. This is a perfect place for a day’s outing with family and friends. The shining water with lush green surroundings and is an appeal to the visitor’s eye. First thing which will catch one’s attention is the lovely decorated colorful Shikaras on water, which gives one the memory of Kashmir. Tourists can enjoy the sunset view from a thirty minutes Shikara ride by paying an amount of Rs200-250/- for a boat of four people. Monsoon and winters are the best time to visit this lake. The lake area is very less commercialized and thus is less crowded. There are few hotels nearby to Dudhni lake and it is recommended for travelers to stay back at least for a night. The next day’s sunrise is just a heavenly sight and not to be missed. There is beautiful Vandhara Garden adjacent to the lake, which can be viewed with an entry ticket of Rs 50/-. Dudhni Lake is often termed as the “Kashmir of West”.

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