Dominican Monastery (The Ruined Church), Moti Daman.

Dominican Monastery, situated in the fort of Moti Daman, is frequently referred to as the Ruined Church. Most travelers visit this archaeological landscape to witness its curiosity provoking sight, but a majority of them are unaware of its history of the Portuguese colonial era. It was considered as the most prestigious church in the territory.

The monastery is said to have been erected in 1567 in remembrance of Saint Dominic. Christians offered their prayers, and theological teachings were provided to scholars who moved to the monastery from across the globe. It is believed that the destruction of the church was caused by an earthquake.

The construction workers who built the church employed the classic Portuguese architectural methods, which can be noticed in the other ancient churches of the territory. The visitors get to observe the monastery’s arches and walls that withstood the earthquake.

The Catholic community celebrates two significant occasions at the monastery each year. The first one takes place on 2nd February when the community assembles at the site to listen to the stories, narrated by the clergy, about the monastery’s history. On the second occasion, which comes about on every third Sunday of December, the Catholics conduct the holy mass to commemorate Saint Dominic and the departed souls who lost their lives to the earthquake.

When is the Dominican Monastery (The Ruined Church) open for visiting? : It is usually open until the sundown.

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