Best tourist places to visit and things to do in Daman in 2 days | 2-day travel Itinerary for Daman

Daman is a perfect weekend getaway that everyone needs to escape the bustle of their mundane routine. This 2-day travel itinerary summarizes all the locations that are worth a visit and things to do during your trip to Daman.

  1. Devka Beach
  2. Nani Daman Jetty
  3. The Fort of Saint Jerome/Nani Daman Fort
  4. The Church of Our Lady of the Sea
  5. Moti Daman Fort
  6. Bom Jesus Church
  7. Dominican Monastery
  8. The Bocage House (Poet House)
  9. Moti Daman Jetty
  10. Lighthouse Beach
  11. The Church of Our Lady of Remedios
  12. Jampore Beach

10 A.M. (Saturday)

1. Devka Beach:

Places to see in Daman travel itinerary

After checking in, a 10-min journey from the main town towards the north side to experience the sea breeze on the shore of Devka beach. It’s always been a favorite amongst the visitors for the beach shacks lined up on its coast and several beach-facing hotels/resorts situated near its coastline.

2:00 P.M.

2. Nani Daman Jetty:

Best places to visit in Nani Daman Jetty travel itinerary

Enjoy the local seafood cuisines for lunch and proceed to the next stop, Nani Dama Jetty, which is roughly 10-12 minutes away from Devka beach. Autorickshaws and local buses are easily available near the beach. The small garden at Nani Daman Jetty has been renovated using unique architectural style and designs. It is a favorite among children due to the playground in the garden. Read more about the jetty.

3:00 P.M.

3. The Fort of Saint Jerome/Nani Daman Fort:

Places to see in Daman Saint Jerome Fort Nani Daman Tourism Travel Itinerary

Saint Jerome Fort, Nani Daman

While enjoying the view of the Daman Ganga River meeting the Arabian sea at Nani Daman Jetty, one will come across the majestic Fort of Saint Jerome at the shore of Daman Ganga river. When you behold the sight of the fort’s surrounding area from the top of the walls, you can spot Chhapli Sheri beach located at the north side of the fort and lighthouse beach and “Ram Setu” towards the south.

3:30 P.M.

4. The Church of Our Lady of the Sea:

Places to see in Daman Our Lady of the Sea Church Nani Daman Tourism Travel Itinerary

The Church of Our Lady of the Sea, The Fort of Saint Jerome, Nani Daman.

The Church is enclosed in the fort of Saint Jerome. It is an extension of an ancient chapel, which was constructed in the year 1627. We suggest you visit any of Daman’s church before evening as all of them are usually closed around 5:30 P.M. There are several famous fast food stalls around the Fort where you can stop for a quick bite before continuing your journey.

4:00 P.M.

5. Moti Daman Fort:

Places to see in Daman Nani Daman Tourism Saint Jerome Fort

The Fort of Saint Jerome, Nani Daman Jetty.

It takes a 10-minute journey from Nani Daman Jetty to reach Moti Daman Fort with help of local transport via Rajiv Gandhi Setu, or you can take a 15-minute walk via the pedestrian bridge. The construction of the imposing Moti Daman Fort dates back to the 16th century when the territory was a Portuguese enclave. We advise you to take at least a couple of hours to explore and learn about the fort and the places enclosed in it. The fort and a few places located in it will give you small sneak-peak into Daman’s 400-years old history and its liberation. Most of the fort’s areas are accessible to the general public for visiting.

4:30 P.M.

6. Bom Jesus Church:

Places to see in Daman Tourism The Cathedral of Bom Jesus Moti Daman Fort Tourism

The Cathedral of Bom Jesus, Moti Daman Fort.

You are greeted by the Cathedral of Bom Jesus as you enter the Moti Daman Fort and walk a few steps ahead from the entrance.

5:00 P.M.

7. Dominican Monastery:

Places to visit in Daman Tourism The Ruins of Dominican Monastery The Ruined Church

The Ruins of Dominican Monastery (The Ruined Church), Moti Daman Fort.

Following your visit to the Bom Jesus Church, tourists can take a 10-min walk towards the west to find the Dominican Monastery, which is situated near the fort’s walls. Take a 10-minutes walk towards the second entrance of the fort to visit the House of Boacge.

6 P.M.

8. The Bocage House (The Poet House):

Places to see in Daman Bocage House Fort Moti Daman Tourism

The House of Bocage, Moti Daman Fort

The Bocage House is often overlooked by the visitors as not much has publicized about this and due to lack of awareness. However, it holds an interesting piece in the history associated with the Portuguese colonial era. It is located behind the left side of the Moti Daman Fort’s second entrance and adjacent to the Fort’s wall.

6.15 P.M.

9. Moti Daman Jetty:

Places to visit Moti Daman Jetty TourismBefore concluding the first-day journey, exit the fort from the second entrance and reach the Moti Daman Jetty, where you can relax at the dock and watch the sundown on the estuary where Daman Ganga River meets the Arabian sea. Most of the town’s restaurants serve the local cuisines and are open up to 10 P.M.

10 A.M. (Sunday). Check Out.

10. Lighthouse Beach, Moti Daman:

Places to visit in Daman Lighthouse Beach Moti Daman Tourism

Continue your trip from where you left off. Head back to the Moti Daman Jetty on the next morning and reach the Lighthouse via the newly constructed beachfront road, “Ram Setu”, which extends from Moti Daman Jetty to Jampore Beach. The beach has recently become popular amongst everyone. You will notice the people jogging, taking a brisk walk, socializing, conducting photo shoots, etc. In October 2019, water sports activities were inaugurated by Shri Praful Patel, the Hon’ble Administrator of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu at this location.

11. The Church of Our Lady of Remedios:

Places to visit in Daman Our Lady of Remedios Church Moti Daman Tourism

The Church of Our Lady of Remedios, Moti Daman.

Take a 15-min walk from the Lighthouse Beach towards the south and turn to the left near the Yogeshwar Temple to reach the Church of Our Lady of Remedios. It was constructed as a chapel in 1607 by Ruy de Mello de Sampayo, Governor and Captain of Daman.

1 P.M. – 6 P.M.

12. Jampore Beach:

Places to visit in Daman Jampore Beach Tourism

Jampore Beach, Moti Daman.

Head back to “Ram Setu” from the Church of Our Lady of Remedios or take local transport to reach Jampore Beach, which is located in the south-west part of Daman. The beach is known for shacks, a small open-air gym, water sports activities, etc. One can’t help but admire its clean golden sand and the casuarina trees spread along its coastline. The shacks offer snacks and food to suit your taste. You can spend an entire afternoon on the beach trying out the various activities at your disposal. Relaxing on the beach while admiring the sunset is the aptest way to end your weekend trip.

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